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Getting a text translated involves more than substituting one language for another. You want to be sure your text communicates clearly, informs and engages readers, opens up new markets, and bridges the gap between cultures. Google Translate won’t get you far with that. In fact, it will probably do more harm than good. You need an expert translator, who will deliver quality, on time and on budget. The good news is: you’ve just found one.
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Meet Kate

With 20 years’ experience, 15 million words translated, and over 150 clients satisfied, I’m a seasoned professional. This is what I do, and according to my customers I do it well (see the Testimonials).
Having lived in France for 30 years, with a French husband and grown-up bilingual children, I straddle both cultures: part Rolls-Royce, part Citroën DS!

Sector focused services

I have translated a wide range of texts in my 20 years as a professional, but I specialise in four areas, having built up expertise, created glossaries and developed an in-depth understanding of the field to deliver carefully-researched, informative, accurate and fluent translations. Click on the boxes for more detail.

“Kate is knowledgeable about the translation project management process, a whiz at handling translation memories and glossaries, and an all-around great translator capable of producing consistent high-quality results in her fields of specialization. Kate researches terminology carefully and produces translations that are not only accurate, but well-written, too.”

Sara Freitas, translator

“Both of these translations are excellent in most respects. They flow naturally and are in places even an improvement on the original French text. Some long sentences are broken down, which makes for easier reading and improved clarity, and the translation adopts a plainer, less technical, language which makes the target text more accessible to the layman. […] Transfer of content is accurate, thoughtful and considered throughout. [The translations] are a genuine pleasure to read.”

MITI assessor

“She’s a nice person, communication is easy with her and she has a good understanding of the source text. She’s not afraid of asking if the source text is not clear or contains an ambiguity in order to avoid any mistranslations. Also, you can tell she does research to find the right word for the context, and always delivers on time. On top of that, we receive good comments on her job by our revisers.”

Mar, project leader

“Katherine translates precisely, showing familiarity with technical terminology as well as with colloquial French. Her presentational skills are also of a high standard. Katherine files her completed and checked work with us well ahead of the deadlines.”

Brendan, agency manager

“Kate is one of our most valued translators. As well as delivering translations of a consistently high standard, her professionalism and dedication to her craft is always evident. Projects are delivered on time and her personable attitude makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Ruth, project leader


Translation is a little-understood profession. Most people confuse translators (who write) with interpreters (who speak), or think we translate only books, living lives locked away in solitude. (Admittedly, there’s an element to truth to that last part…). So here are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked.

As language experts, we work hard to keep up with our specialist fields. There may be times when I send you a query about your text, and I always appreciate my clients’ support and prompt answers, but otherwise you can count on me to get on with the research and produce a flawless text.

To start with, send me the full text so that I can give you a quote, which will include the price and the timeline (unless you have a pressing deadline of your own). You can then decide whether you want to go ahead and if so, sign and scan the quote back to me. That will be enough to get the translation started.

For large-scale projects I work with a small team of hand-picked colleagues, all similarly experienced and specialised. But for the purposes of quality control, I read every word they write. I am your point of contact and take responsibility for every word produced by Amtrad Translations. The buck stops with me.

If you have a pressing deadline, then let me know right at the beginning so that I can factor that into my quote. I can be flexible, but like most professional translators, I am usually booked several days ahead. However, once I get started on your text, I translate an average of 2,000 words per day. You can be sure of one thing: if I give you a deadline in my quote, then we’ll stick to that. I’m not in the habit of missing them and I don’t intend to start now!

Several factors determine how much a translation will cost. Clearly the length of the document is a key consideration (although sometimes a slogan can be only 4 words but take 2 hours). Then there’s the technical difficulty, the amount of research needed, and in some cases the urgency. If you need it by this evening, it’ll clearly cost more. The format is also important: a document that’s clearly presented in Word is much easier to deal with than a PDF and some other formats. But rest assured: summing all that up is my job. My initial quote will give you a clear and single total, and we’ll stick to that with no changes down the line.

I’ll do everything I can to make sure you are. Once I deliver the translation, I am of course always open to comments and happy to answer queries. If you have any remarks about the text, or alternative terms you prefer, I’m all ears. This dialogue is an essential and completely normal part of the job.

I work only from French into English. I may be able to recommend selected colleagues if you have projects in other languages.

Because with me you’ll get not only expert quality, experience and a qualified, accredited professional (I’m a Qualified Member of the British Institute of Translation and Interpreting and a member of the French Sociéte Française des Traducteurs), but friendly, personable service at competitive prices. What more could you ask for?

Simple, just copy and paste these FAQs into Google Translate and translate them into your own language. I’m pretty sure the results will be far from perfect! If you want to reach clients, get papers published, build confidence and inspire trust, nothing short of perfection is good enough.

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